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Our company has significant experience drilling in diverse conditions throughout BC and Northern Alberta. We also have experience with artesian wells, geothermal holes, coring and services to the oil and gas industry. We are COR (Certificate of Recognition) certified for safety, recognizing our efforts to develop and implement a health and safety and industry management system that meets industry standards. Integrity Drilling is the only local drilling company to earn that designation. Please contact us for a complimentary estimate or to request further information.


  • Bucyrus-Erie 2400R
  • 750-350 Sullair screw air compressor
  • 5x6 Gardner Denver mud pump
  • Complete hydraulic rig
  • Holding wrench
  • Break out wrench
  • 3 1/2 inch drill pipe
  • 5 and 6 inch down hole hammers
  • 915 casing hammer
  • Bobcat welder and wire feed unit
  • 4 cube mud tank (3 compartments)
  • Mission magnum pump for mixing
  • Mixing hopper
  • Mud guns
  • 1000 gallon water and pipe truck
  • Shale shaker
  • Freightliner pipe/water truck
  • International support/water truck
  • Mobile Diesel welder
  • 580 Case Extend Backhoe
  • Mobile Diesel hydraulic unit
  • International 28 ft. insulated box tool support truck
  • Two crew trucks
  • Hydraulic grouter/mixer unit
  • Skid mounted 7X10 Diesel-powered mud pump
  • Electronic well sounder

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